Funding Advisory

Our team works with our clients to review all business, process, and financial documents including the business plan, financials and other documents. Whatever your preferred funding mix, we are able to not only give advice but also seat in your investor meetings to ensure you and your business are protected.

Business Valuation Advisory

The valuation of any business is a complex task that includes, among other things, detailed financial analysis, a deep understanding of the subject company and the industry/economic environment in which it operates, as well as the application of multiple valuation techniques. Through our many years of experience and team of experts, we bring confidence and clarity to the most complex valuation matters.

Pitch Deck Preparation

Every investor wants to hear your startup or business story. We help founders create decks that catch the eyes of their investors regardless of the funding round. Our team of designers are on hand to help you create visually appealing decks that are both easy to follow and catching to the eyes. From pitch decks and sales presentations to marketing slide decks, our design team craft professional looking slides for your bsuiness.

Capital Raising

Get Funding Support

Speak to our corporate finance professionals with the proven formula for advising small and mid-sized companies on their fundraise and get the clarity you need.

Book a Session

Schedule a 1:1 session with our lead consultant and let us help you review and advise on an engaging brand story that will get the desired investor response, using our proprietary checklist.